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Last year's Longshot mode played Madden 20 coins out like a Telltale Games-style adventure title, with quick-time occasions and interactive dialog sequences that let you influence the outcome of the story. Homecoming is quite a bit more streamlined by comparison, as nearly all of its gameplay sections consist of actual slices of NFL or even high school football games. Those hoping for a more interactive adventure may be let down, but I didn't overlook the tedious mini-games from the past year's narrative, and appreciated being able to kick back during cutscenes.

Fortunately, Homecoming retains Longshot's bright, inviting strategy to Madden's notoriously menacing gameplay. You will usually just have to focus on one component of this sport at a time (such as passing or grabbing ), and the mode does a nice job easing you into center Madden features such as advanced passes or on-the-fly audibles.

But while I appreciated the quantity of true football gameplay in Homecoming, it frequently came at the expense of the game's pacing.

Madden's story mode once again comes with a stable of notable actors, such as Ron Cephas Jones (This Is Us) as Devin's stern quarterback coach and Rob Schneider (yes, Rob Schneider) as a unique, caffeinated general supervisor. There's a notable deaf personality, which I found to be a nice bit of inclusiveness.While the acting is not precisely Oscar-worthy, there are plenty of MUT 20 Coins for sale humorous moments, and many others that had me genuinely choked up.

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