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Have another discussion; Each time there's a patch, to NBA 2K20 MT Coins mechanics feel as though they change. Green Machine, how effective is it today? Supposedly patch 1.05 did not alter shooting percentage(though I have screenshots of matches with substantial increase in shooting percentages across the board in online REC) but it did affect green window or the visual of green. What's the badge still effective if most shots are now whites? Intimidator, pre patch and post patches this badge apparently outplays many finishing badges. Piggybacking off my green machine discussion, how goofy does it seem that Finishers miss large percent layups due to a badge, but guards 30 feet from the basket can drain absurd what ought to be low percentage shots.

Online play proposal: This might be unpopular but hear me out. Clearly shot timing is a huge part of what creates the skillgap in 2K but there surely needs to be a penalty for using actual shot percentage. If I'm using a Player having an 99 mid range shot, and I'm wide open, with real player percentage I would expect to make it 6 or 7 times out of 10.

However with manual management you could make the shot 10/10 of your timing is accurate. Same with the 3 ball everyone says Curry makes 55-50% in play if for whatever reason you can't receive down his jumper, of his wide shots, allow his 99 stats and badges allow you to hit on a percent around there. May hit on the percentages. This is looks at the basket. The player percentage could take the time to release shots, and with defense you should not be getting such looks anyways.

To get 2K21, it needs better replay demonstration (meaning more and different angles for a single highlight), and the choice (like in past 2K) to see your personal highlight reel. It also has to show the highlight reel of this participant of NBA 2K. There ought to be cutaways of seat, coach and crowd reactions to highlights... There should be a focus on rivalries... Make it so that in mycareer a participant can build a rivalry VS a different nba participant, or a staff can construct a rivalry VS another team... These rivalries must be triggered by post match questions in which u can either diss a team/opponent, or praise them... And if u diss them, it creates a rivalry point Buy NBA 2K21 MT.

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