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I also think EOC wasn't clearly"the problem", as it arguably turned out very good in the end (it just took some time). The battle system and PvM on OSRS gold is very alive and looks as much as I can know to be nuanced and"enjoyable" than the OSRS. It was a success that is good, I think RS3 could have been in a worse condition now. As I recall it, eoC was more like the last straw for many. The people I played with and myself had sort of lost faith and did not see a future for RuneScape, when EoC didn't appear great at once there was little motivation to basically find out a new game with the very same devs and a match that brought on many of the very same problems and frustrations.

Some might disagree because playing through osrs effectively isn't a similar sort of expertise to the exact same kind of fun we had growing up, but I do not believe that is really a fair point, that is only a fact of us growing up and learning how to seek out guides and learn things quickly, and isn't a mistake of RuneScape. When the younger versions of ourselves must observe a few of the cool stuff we've got in OSRS we would've been hyped.Man I miss dungeoneering. 5 ppl moving in with nothing and appreciating those dungeon floor. U didnt even need ppl u knew, those 2-3 dung phrases that are specific were mostly crowded, not ppl would gladly help out all this efficiency and getting judged with ur kc crap we have today. Got about lvl 103 b4 EOC happened.

IMO it's pointless to compare both. OSRS has diverged and so is it's own game today, no need to compare it to the stuff that was good in it's own right. Pre-EOC had some of the best articles ever in my opinion with Dungeoneering and Nex. I think they're both good, pre-eoc since it was and OSRS. I like them for different reasons. The purpose was to go back and make a left where a right was left by rs3. After free commerce eliminated it was mainly downhill. We must pick and gone a completly different path and RuneScape is bigger than ever. RuneScape was much better than pre eoc only a few years. Some may disagree and say it was far better from the beginning but there was a clear lack of content, and you can play for tens of thousands of hours and still have lots to do wether you merely like pvm or skilling, though skilling is fairly much the exact same but faster.

I disagree, a TON of very balancing and QoL updates didn't come until last year. I'd say runescape gold 2107 was worse than EoC for the first 4 or so years until content such as MMII came out. Wrath runes did not exist until 2018, Raids introduced the max mage, like D Claws in items and came out 2017. Great Kourend dropped but the baseline quests took a few years to emerge. That depends on in the event that you think Pre-EOC was an up- or downgrade from 2007. It was less balanced before 2017, at least, so I have a quite difficult time than 2007. However, it had content of a (objectively, I figure ) high quality (as in, tons of dev time placed in), that many appreciated.

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