If EFT Money you are a new player


Date & time Sep 16
EFT Money
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 If EFT Money you are a new player

If EFT Money you are a new player, you can consider playing in offline mode, but open PVEThis will result in Scavs can fight, but you do not have to enemy players, this is a great way to be familiar with the customs of the merciless landscape concerns. Remember, when you will not lose any equipment if you die in offline mode, you can not take you find any booty.

If you're ready to play with other people, but still do not feel confident, like a random selection SCAV gear spawning, rather than use their own equipment as PMC risking it all.

A RAID EFT is a game session, when you get into it from a map, the moment you die or reach the extraction flag. One of you on the map, you will face an early challenge is to recognize a RAID. Although the compass has been confirmed for the upcoming patch, do not www.lolga.com expect a small map to help you navigate.

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