Please list your ideas on what I need to use to seem great


Date & time Dec 7 '20
Event ends Dec 8 '25
Creator Weismart

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If you've got 20 Defence, mystic is your mage armor for you, if however you choose to attend some other account you'll be wanting the Ghostly Robes for mage bonus along with some Black Dhide for at least some defence bonus. It's possible to just collect resources for yourself started, use the money making guide here on Sals it will show you the way to do it without using any abilities. As soon as you've got a sufficient wealth it is possible to begin back into your own methods and it might be like nothing changed.

I just wanted to know if I really have a higher survival rate against the Level 50 Giant Spiders in the Stronghold of Security. Thank you for any suggestions/Commentary on my Data, Equipment, and/or Inventory.

I've been a member a number of occasions before, so I am pretty experienced. Don't understand what armor to receive though. Attack: 66. Power: 70. Defence: 60. 270k cash, or anything like this, plus rune plate, legs and hatchet. I had been thinking something like that; Body: Fighter Torso. Legs: Dragon skirt, I cant afford d legs right now. There's nothing wrong with dragon skirts. Boots: Dragon, if I can get themrune if not. Glovesexactly the like boots. Shield: Rune defender, I have black right now.

Helm: None, I don't like to hide my dashing good looks;-RRB- weapon: D first, DDS second. Obby might come after... Amulet: Glory, maybe, if not strength ammy. Ring: Variety, I'll utilize as needed. I may not be able to afford all this, so it is back into the yews. Thanks guys.

I understand some people say that it doesnt matter what you look like in runescape its just about your stats but see high levels walking around with godswords, party hats, complete dargon, bandos armour, halloween masks, and random things ive never noticed before and I get really fed up of trying to seem great. I have wasted about 600k onto it and I really want some help! Please list your ideas on what I need to use to seem great.

To get skilling I usually wear camo shirt ( from random event, not hunter ) cockatrice cape, fancy antiques, gold gloves, glory ammy, obby cape, snakeskin bandanna and plauge pants ----- please please help me!

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