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Date & time Jan 14
Event ends Jan 15
Creator Kin Gang

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Kin Gang


Gnome exploration series - Spirit tree transport system - Gives OSRS gold players access to fast teleports to several places like Grand Exchange. Troll Stronghold - God Wars dungeon - Very important dungeon with directors which can grant you a great profit. Desert Treasure - Situated south of Lumbridge in Al Kharid. Unlocks Ancient Spellbook that gives access to blood, ice, shadow and smoke spells that are very useful in most situations but most importantly allow player to start exploding which can be one of the fastest ways of reaching 99 Magic.

Lunar Diplomacy - Lunar Spellbook - a few helpful spells for all sorts of scenarios from PvP through regular daily tasks to questing. Fantasy Mentor - Added spells for Lunar Spellbook - not mandatory but very useful. Kings Ransom - Chivalry and Piety prayers which unite bonuses to three statistics: Defence, Strength and Strike.

Monkey Madness 2 and 1 - Access to exploding caves that's the ideal place to reach level 99 in Magic and Ranged. By using Chinchompas or even Ice Barrage players training there are ready to harm numerous creatures at the Runescape 2107 gold exact same time that rewards highest quantities of exp in the game. My Arm's Big Adventure - Added disease free herb patch - really helpful for herblore or money making.

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