What I really don't understand is that this notion


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What I really don't understand is that this notion

Gatekeeping and Animal Crossing Bells throwing arbitrary guidelines on who can wear what about their little packages of code and pixel? Nonsense. They're fighting a battle that just isn't there and making themselves look all of the way idiotic from the process.

Non-issues such as this are why people's eyes roll when'cultural appropriation' even has brought up.Now that it's been a few months since the circumstance, I've got this to say: Insisting on calling them'space buns' when they are obviously afro puffs is weird. I meanthey look like cornrows braided up into kinky pigtail puffs, aka afro puffs. They are pretty distinct from, say, the odango wig that is already represented in the match (which looks much more similar to what you get when you google'space buns'). The situation was still pretty ridiculous, especially since it went the way I knew it would with... let's say,'radical' people chiming in to'stick it to' people'oversensitive liberals' or whatever other side of the spectrum boogeyman resides in their heads.

I agree after being fixed, I'd have just been like"oh ok they are known as afro puffs, nevertheless they are adorable right?" Rather than insisting they were distance buns, but whatever.

What I really don't understand is that this notion (and literal quote from among those tweets) that"that is not for you". Surely people (or allies) of races that were historically oppressed can observe the damage that can be done by attempting to re-normalise the concept that certain things can be reserved for individuals of particular races?I don't think I can blame her for being rebellious after obtaining 600 deranged answers on Animal Crossing Items For Sale an entirely anodyne tweet. Her reply was a lot more level-headed than mine could have been.

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