Eddy Curry being anything


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Eddy Curry being anything

But yeah normally that only operates if the man is a center for NBA 2K21 MT blocking shots, known. You imitation aid defense to get the ball handler to generate a decision tho not to change the shooter, you're just trying to get them to pick their dribble up and create a bad shot or pass. Smart players won't bite on this. Intimidator is a mechanic that is lousy because there's no counterplay for this, it merely nerfs the place around the rim essentially.

I think of all the things that would push towards realism, intimidator is such a bad choice. Clearly I think it is logical that others should be intimidated by a burly center however what 2k did together with the badge is allow a situation where a mismatch goes in favour of the guy. 

In the community that is 2k players are accustomed to hitting and greens whites that are open, particularly in the paint. When you introduce a badge like that it destroys the integrity of its first point because of everyone, instead of just centers. I adore and know basketball but in terms of a NBA 2K21 game it isn't a fantastic alternative. If you are a celebrity 3 who's into frog girls you shouldn't be concerned about other people.Shaq shooting unlimited 3's being one case. 

Eddy Curry being anything other than wasted potential. Why can not John Stockton be 7 feet tall, if Shaq can have a 90 3-ball? They mess with every attribute/skill nevertheless abandon the vitals untouched. So basically they are putting a skin that is Shaq. If Shaq is bought by you, it is because as a lover in life you wish to do things, maybe not Curry things. You are not hoping to score via skyhooks from the street, if Curry is bought by you. Let the players know if they're not gon t be anything close to Cheap 2K21 MT their real life counterpart, who they are, because as mentioned above with Earl Monroe, why license them?

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