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dingxinda9 Jan 13

Coconut shell activated carbon is actually used for sewage treatment, industrial water wastewater treatment, domestic drinking water, purified water and other water quality.


The excellent adsorption instinct can make the activated carbon play a very high efficiency, but there are many factors that can improve the adsorption effect of coconut shell activated carbon, such as particle size. How to use coconut shell activated carbon to achieve excellent water treatment effect?


First look at the surface of coconut shell activated carbon. The ten-foot-long coconut shell activated carbon is not high-quality, that is to say, the general batch of products will inevitably collide during the packaging process, which will cause damage and damage to the coconut shell activated carbon.


Therefore, at this point, the company needs to start studying the surface quality of coconut shell activated carbon to select and simplify some mismatched activated carbons.powdered carbon bulk Coconut shell activated carbon must be used with certain filters. If the quality of the filter is not very good, it must be treated accordingly. Regarding the effectiveness of complete consumption, efficiency will also explode, so what issues should be paid attention to?


First, I checked the filter to make sure it was working properly. The anti-cleaning effect is normal. Second, pay attention to the situation. The surrounding time situation will be related to the efficiency of the coconut shell activated carbon filter effectiveness test. Before proceeding, please note whether it is necessary to arrange local conditions. Ensure that the water treatment process is carried out in an orderly manner to protect the effectiveness of the application. Third, please pay attention to the details of sinking: the application of coconut shell activated carbon should also sink into some details, which will also determine the end of the water treatment process.


For example, if the standard is not met in the corresponding work, once these problems are revealed, they should be resolved. activated carbon pellets for sale Users should pay attention to this detail during operation, and perform corresponding inspections after completing the work to protect the normal disposal of coconut shell activated carbon.


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