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Cookie Clicker

What Can I do to stop negative thoughts?

1 month ago: Negative thoughts that just drain my energy.   Overall, my life is okay and I'm not sure why my thinking has become very negative.

I've tried so many ways to get rid of these negative thoughts, and seems like they won't go away?

Then one day I was bored and surfing the web as always, I came across a website and try playing the cookie clicker game.

Surprisingly, I sank into the game and the negative feeling was completely erased.

I can confirm the cookie clicker game really erased the positive thoughts for me, this is a simple and quite fun click game. If you are having a situation like me try to play the cookie clicker game!

Rose Watson
Rose Watson May 3
I agree with you. You can play games like Stickman Hook to relax and forgot negative thoughts.
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