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vicky yihui
vicky yihui Feb 9

1. The working principle of high-strength Roofing Bolts. The bolting system uses a bolt assembly to tightly join two or more structural components to bear the external force.
2. The use of high-strength square bolts, railway and highway bridges, boiler steel structures, industrial plants, high-rise civil buildings, tower and mast structures, hoisting machinery and other steel structures with friction-type high-strength bolt connections.
3. The installation and use of high-strength square bolts and the installation and use of hexagon head bolts are directly related to the important link of the quality and service life of the fasteners. The safety of the bolts is the primary consideration.
    The main factors affecting high-strength square bolts are the selection of materials, steel plate thickness, processing and cutting, surface coating and installation of steel structural parts, which must be performed in accordance with design and construction specifications, otherwise the pre-load of the steel structure will be reduced or lost. Force, while reducing the safety of hex head bolts.
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