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Megaomgchen Mar 17
It's official: RuneScape developer Jagex has been marketed to a Chinese-owned shell corporation. In order to Jagex, the programmer which makes RuneScape, it was already owned by a Chinese firm called Fukong after being purchased by Hongtou Holdings at 2016. It moved to RuneScape gold another Chinese firm that came to be known as Fukong Interactive Entertainment. Last summer, rumors surfaced that Fukong was hoping to sell Jagex so as to repay its debts. A report surfaced that the business had been sold to an American firm named US Platinum Fortune, which was a completely unknown entity in the moment.

Though Jagex was initially being cagey about its financial future, we finally have official confirmation that Fukong has sold Jagex to US Platinum Fortune for the price of $530 million USD.The news comes via Reddit user Jin001, who had been kind enough to interpret the various Chinese financial statements. They affirm that the sale but also state that US Platinum isn't what it seems. It's, in actuality, a shell company registered in Delaware - a country called a tax haven as a result of its own probate taxation laws and unenforced company laws. A lawyer living in the US also possessed it.

Remarks on Reddit all state that this is a move to avoid paying UK taxes and save some money. Even so, shares with Fukong reportedly fell 15% after news broke of the transparent push to prevent paying taxes.Taxes are a big thing in the British games industry lately. National headlines were created after it was disclosed that some of the biggest names in gambling were dodging taxes by opening shell businesses. Rockstar Games and Activision Blizzard are two of the greatest names which use this tactic to avoid paying millions in taxes.

Fukong doing precisely the same issue is unexpected, but it is notable for a business which where can i buy runescape gold seems to be in some trouble. One wonders if RuneScape will be around for more.
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