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lopyghjm Apr 12

Buy MUT Coins are about to receive a deluge of ultimate team content to keep them busy during these chaotic sees the release of the first batch of NFL free agency content is dropping today, while mut series 6 starts on Friday.a second batch of free agency content will arrive next week too, along with a fresh house rules event on Friday.needless to say this is welcome news to mut players.however, we also know that there will be no mut series 7 this year, which is more than a little disappointing. we are certainly reaching the end of madden 20’s lifespan.

with players starting to move teams in free agency and the draft happening next month the league is about to look very different from the start of last season.however, the ultimate team has always been detached from NFL reality. after all, you can have Lawrence Taylor and Aaron Donald lining up next to each other!but has long been a 12-month game mode that franchise mode players even end up in after they have finally won 12 super bowls with their favorite team.the lack of series 7 content is a problem for committed but players.

as usual, the new series means a new competitive master to buy and previous series ltd cards returning as series redux cards.we know that the NFL free agency promo will stretch into series 6, and you can expect content around the NFL draft at the end of April too, but that might be looks like the mut crew are downing tools and heading over to madden 21.a lot is expected of madden 21.not only will it be the first madden game to be played on the next-gen consoles, but it will also be the last time a sports doesn’t have competition from 2k.

as a result fans are hopeful that ea load up the game with changes and new features Madden Coins.part of that could be a revamped ultimate team experience, which is why we are getting a truncated one this year.but gamers would probably accept that trade-off, but since there is little communication from ea at this time we will have to wait and see if we still get the usual raft of spring/summer content or if ultimate team dries up in favor of a re-invigorated madden 21 mut experience.
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