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lopyghjm Apr 14

There are lots of choices when it comes to skills to the max in Some of these skills are much easier to max out than others. Some will require you to use the majority of your OSRS Gold to reach the top with. Others yet can be obtained much easier than the more difficult skills that require hundreds of hours. To help you save time, here is a list of skills that you can reach 99 without having to grind relentlessly. It more or less depends on what path you want to take to reach the highest level possible. There are ways of doing it quicker but those will often cost you more of your hard-earned gold.

Battlestaves-using gems can take you 38 hours for 80M Gold. You can shave a few hours of this with Dragonhide Bodies which takes you 35 hours for 157M Gold. If you want to save as much gold as possible, then your best bet is to focus on Glassblowing. This takes 108 hours but will only cost you 25M Gold. Who would have thought that cooking would be one of the fastest levels to reach 99? Not only does cooking take a short time to reach the max level but it also has a relatively low cost. For example, Jugs of Wine can take you from level 38 to 99 in 22 hours with a cost of 20M Gold.

There is a bit of a stop-gap in this method, though. Reaching level 68 will see you stop making bad wines. When this happens, you can save money by cooking either Tuna or Lobsters. This way takes about 27 hours but will only cost you 10M Gold. Prayer is one of the quickest skills that you can max out. This is because there are various methods you can use to gain massive XP boosts. For example, you can offer bones to altars to get huge XP rates. This task can be done at a Lit Gilded Altar or the Chaos Altar.

Clicking bones during offerings yields twice the XP that AFK does so you should focus on the former whenever possible.  RS Gold Provide fast and cheap service. To reach Prayer in the fastest time you will need to use Dagannoth bones until you reach level 70. Once you hit this level, you will be able to unlock Superior Dragon bones to take you to 99. This should take around 10 hours and cost about 210M Gold. Other viable methods are using Dragon Heads and Troll Heads. However, this technique takes thrice as long, so it’s best to stick to the bones method.
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