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    Quick Freezing Equipment is a better way to store biologically sensitive tissues and tissues. The quick-freezing equipment is suitable for the dryness of bacteria, viruses, plasma, serum, antibodies, vaccines, medicines, microorganisms, yeast, plant extracts for biological research, etc. Including: It is used to dry and store products that are easy to be dehydrated. After adding water, the characteristics of the data can be restored again without affecting its biological activity.

    When it reaches dryness at a very low temperature, the protein remains anhydrous, while the other major chemical bonds maintain the same amount of quality. After freezing and drying, data such as tissues, tissue extracts, bacteria, vaccines, and plasma become dry. Enzymatic, bacterial, and chemical changes will not occur, and the difference between traditional high temperature and dryness will cause the data to shrink and destroy the cells.

    The structure of the sample will not be destroyed during the freezing and drying process, because the solid component is supported by the solid ice on its seat. When the ice sublimates, he will leave pores in the dry remaining material. This preserves the integrity of the product's biological and chemical structure and its activity. The use of freezing and drying technology is very common, including: laboratory: IQF freezing method is used to store biological specimens and strains.

    In addition, IQF Freezing is used to prepare tissue samples for structural studies (such as electron microscopy studies). Freeze drying is also used in chemical analysis. It can obtain dry samples or concentrate samples to increase the sensitivity of analysis. In the laboratory, the desktop and the small dry machine are mainly used. Pharmaceutical industry: Some pharmaceutical factories use IQF freezing to consume antibiotics, vaccines, sera, and various biological drugs. Only large freeze-drying machines are used in consumption.

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