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Megaomgchen May 4
It doesnt need a gold sink, it needs an Item sink. On account of the fact there's a steady cost for gold ( through stores and alching, which means that a rune skim will ALWAYS be RS gold so much, or you could ALWAYS sell it for that ) gold isnt affected by inflation. It ALWAYS gets the specific same price, no matter how much is released. It does not inflate or deflate.ITEMS on the other hand, enter RuneScape and inflate or deflate based on their demand, and their supply. Meaning if there are 500 whips but just 200 people needing them, the price PLUMMETS. And because the death mechanics are secure, no items leave RuneScape! Meaning unless we get masses of new players, all things will eventually reach stop cost ( alch) and you're seeing this with things such as godswords, dragon products, etc..

So, there are two options. 1.) Introduce passing mechanics which remove things from RuneScape, and make people boss in OP gear unless they would like to risk it to get all those kills. (This also means items enter RuneScape slower, making pvm much more rewarding (if your good at it)) Or TWO, add thing sinks like how the kraken tent functions, in which the whip is ruined upon particular amounts of applications. This helps provide the whip value since they are removed from RuneScape, decreasing the distribution and thus making need more difficult to reach. The downside to this is the product that the tentacle, doesnt degrade, is influenced by inflation, as the whip would be if this item sink didnt exist, which makes the tentacle pretty much worthless. I hope that explains improved.

Warding was supposed to help, dissolving items? I really don't recall the exact details. But it sounds Jagex is trying. Just need to get it done right and make as many people fulfilled as possible.Warding was not a workable solution as an item sink. Although it is true the skill would have deleted things, those things would really end up as items. RuneScape would have reached a stage where the final Warding product along with the pre-salvage would require another item sink. They tried it using creation. Makes creating bows and a lot of different things rewarding.

I really don't have an economics degree but if everyone stopped using high end gear in hazardous situations would that increase the price in the mid range equipment for the reason that it becomes in higher demand, and also the less utilization of higher end gear while the things trickle in would only stay the same and the we have the same situation but with mid range gear. As I saidI do not have an economics degree so please do not attack me, correct me where I'm wrong.Med range equipment would only go up when the item sink worked on them too. If people didn't wish to osrs gold paypal buy them as 18, range equipment would likely drop in cost. And I have 1.5 economics degrees lol, your instinct was good, don't doubt yourself.
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