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nicole ben
nicole ben May 9
Shoplifters have become more savvy, employed in teams or utilizing their own technology to attempt to block electronic detection check this link . As a result, the retail industry continue to lose multiple quantities of dollars every year. It is imperative retailers stand above them with one of the most up to date security approaches to keep loss prevention from happening at their stores. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS system) joined with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is considered one of the most successful and effective and scalable anti-shoplifting system for retailers today.

At FE Moran Security Solutions, our experts understand the EAS system and RFID technology requirements of the store are unique. The types of inventory carried, the visual standards and layout from the store, the location of staff-these are common important variables. That’s why we don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe a very good, effective EAS and RFID systems need to be customized on your business, based on a thorough evaluation of your house and perception of your objectives. Our intelligent Electronic Article Surveillance solutions include a variety of loss prevention systems, RFID technologies and devices that give the best loss prevention for retailers.

The deterrent effect of EAS shows that your store ceases to be a target for shoplifters. This takes pressure off profits associates. They not have the added responsibility of monitoring customers and preventing theft.

Confrontations with shoplifters reduce. Even confrontations after EAS activations are typically few and far between as shoplifters are deterred. Employee safety factors are great for staff and also your business too.

Employees should consentrate on selling not protecting products. By doing this in addition, they increase profits and the burglar alarm system pays for itself.Using Swept RF Technology, one pedestal behaves as a transmitter, broadcasting a signal. If an intact tag or label makes the pedestal vicinity, it can resonate which is detected through the second pedestal being a receiver. An alarm will sound.

In the truth of pulsed RF Technology, 1 pedestal antenna both sends and receives the signal, sounding a burglar alarm when a tag is detected within range view here .If you’re aiming to protect an extensive doorway, multiple swept or pulsed pedestals may be used, with regards to the width in the doorway being guarded.
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