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Megaomgchen May 21
The men and women who are highest level arent and dont want things. Folks have this extremely weird notion in time which Runescape gets fun when you're max level. So people spend weeks performing find there is not anything to RS gold do after you are max level. But the sunk cost fallacy and addictive character of Runescape implies that people dont quit playing. I believe it says something that the founder of RuneScapes designed the curve so that it would be impossible to reach max level. Thats the last few levels are so long. He also believed 50-60 to be elevated degree. But individuals have sucked the fun from RuneScape by making it all about acquiring high degree.

Until the OSRS staff is somehow able to make a new RuneScape skill that has no influence on the existing market in addition to being integral to RuneScape/something that you want to do, I don't see any fresh RuneScape skill reaching the 75% required to make it in to RuneScape. Its certainly one of the things I find annoying about OSRS. It usually means that they can't decide to include something without voting without everybody and saying its EoC all over again by making it so the community determines 99% of new developments.

If the additions are bigger than a new 16, you can't win. The OSRS neighborhood is pretty unpredictable when it comes to what"feels" oldschool and what does not. I thought the Warding RuneScape ability (the most recent new RuneScape skill they thought ) was a fairly fantastic addition that fit well into the market (with Warding basically being a method to finally craft Magic Armor, essentially being the equal to Smithing or Crafting). They have done large additions to RuneScape, together with illustrations being Priffdinas and Zeah, I just wish that the neighborhood would give them a little slack when it comes to stuff the dev team wants to do.

Perhaps they produce a"Beta Planet" that they will periodically update with articles they are working on, kind of like Unearthed Arcana for DnD, that lets people try out their larger thoughts like RuneScape abilities in a more compact scale market to see how it plays out, compared to how it now is the point where the sole pictures or gameplay you buy before voting is a few screenshots and descriptions. They have this using their championship worlds, although Not for every concept they want to include. I recall in the leadup to osrs gold paypal the 2nd raid they place armor and the new weapons so players could check them out and give feedback. They have temporary worlds together with the DMM seasons, so they could just take them and say"We're adding Warding for this world for two weeks, try the concept out and tell us everything you believe".
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