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Throughout your life your body continually engages in the process of bone building. Old bone is broken done and removed as new bone is built. In your youth Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys , the amount of new bone that is being built always exceeds the amount of old bone that is being removed. However, as you age, the process of new bone building slows until at some point more bone is being removed than is being built. At first the difference results in osteopenia. Then, as the situation becomes more serious, osteopenia progresses to osteoporosis.

Unfortunately Wholesale Football Jerseys , there are no outward symptoms of these processes until a fracture occurs in a situation that would not affect a person with a healthy bone structure. Medical science has not yet discovered a cause for this disease but scientists do know that it develops over time and they have identified certain risk factors for the condition. A bone density test and a bone scan can detect the progress of any bone loss so if you are at risk for the disease, you might wish to ask your doctor if such a test is prudent.

There are several risk factors for this bone disease. For one, it appears to be genetic and if it has occurred in your family, then you are at risk. Although men can certainly get it, the disease occurs primarily among women. It is also age related in that it is more common in people over fifty but can occur at any age. Body weight and bone structure also play a role. While people who are overweight Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys , obese, or have large frames can develop the disease, it is more likely to strike individuals who are thin and small boned. Smokers are more vulnerable than non-smokers. And the long term use of certain medications such as steroids, antacids and anticonvulsants, can also place one at risk.

Individuals at risk need to become familiar with the prevention strategies that medical science has discovered. One of these is exercise. Lifting weights and weight bearing exercises such as walking Wholesale NFL Jerseys , jogging, racket sports and dancing can all help prevent the disease. Diet is also vital. One needs to consume enough calcium, at least 1,200 milligrams a day. Good sources of calcium are milk, all dairy products Wholesale Jerseys Online , salmon, and sardines. If you feel that your diet doesn't provide the necessary amount consider a supplement such as calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. And since Vitamin D is required for your body to process calcium, you may wish to consider a supplement that combines both calcium and Vitamin D. Although Vitamin D is present in sunlight, eggs, fatty fish and some cereals Wholesale Jerseys From China , most people do not get enough of this vitamin. Four hundred to eight hundred IU's is the standard recommendation for adults under fifty. Those over fifty need eight hundred to twelve hundred IU's daily.

For individuals who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is still important to continue to employ the prevention strategies outlined above. There are also medications available that can slow down the progress of the disease and in some cases even reverse it. A scene in a Game Park:
Nature is the mother of all beauties. Somewhere in a campsite in a game park in sub-Saharan Africa, a cool air breeze fills the air. Then morning sun rays torch the entire vast of grassland with golden moderate light. Wild birds sing all around as they appreciate the wonders nature has given. The vast stretch of land ahead, full of green young sprouting grass is a site to please the eyes. A bunch of flowering wild plants compliments this awesome beauty.
Some meters away, a herd of gazelles full of loveliness enjoys the morning sun as the young ones interact with their mothers鈥?mammary glands to get a jump start for the day. The cool Wholesale Jerseys China , warm wind blows and the pine trees around whistles to the rhythm. From far, a herd of giraffe have woken from their sleeping hideouts and matching like an army of soldiers towards their grazing zones. Their long necks swing like twigs on a windy day as they walk and their nicely crafted skin with numerous mosaics adds more beauty to the scene. Probably it is going to be a nice day as it seems.
Every coin has got two sides. A distance not far from the campsite, an owl hoots, a sign of bad omen as the natives believe. Not far from the site, the thorny scattered bushes are quite visible Wholesale Jerseys , with their spears ready to attack any intruder. Maybe the thorns represent the agony the habitats of the park undergo each day. Dead logs are lying all over; some are decaying and stinking. Their lifeless structures are spread all over, with filthy fungi decomposers growing all over them. From another corner of the view, a hungry hyena is running after a rabbit may be to get a share of its breakfast. The rabbit is swift, with his calculated moves and tricks, but luck is not his side. He soon falls into the jaws of the hungry predator. A rotted carcass sends its filthy message towards the campsite Cheap NFL Football Jerseys , and I wonder could the hungry hyena make use of it? A swarm of flies fights for their share of the carcass while making their dreadful gluttonous sounds.
I decided to describe my experience at a national park in Africa because it is the most spectacular place I have ever visited. The site itself had its positives and negatives. In my opening sentence of the positive paragraph, I wanted to bring out the good things that nature can give. It gave me the positive aspects of nature I could describe. I brought out the idea that even the birds and the gazelle were enjoying what nature has provided to emphasize the beauty of the scene.
I first established my tone by creating a positive impression using my opening sentence `nature is the mother of all beaThe opening paragraph of the negative paragraph changed the mode of the reader as it introduced him to the bad things that nature can also give. I also carefully chose what to describe in each paragraph. In the unimpressive paragraph, I didn鈥檛 want to mention how spectacular it was watching the chase between t. Cheap Custom Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Custom NHL Jerseys   Discount NHL Jerseys   Discount NFL Jerseys   Cheap Soccer Jerseys China   Cheap NBA Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys Cheap   Wholesale NCAA College Jerseys   Wholesale Authentic Hockey Jerseys 

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