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Megaomgchen Jun 27
Possibly a different mechanic may be used, like the thing of the afternoon is worth 1.1X it has average GE value in gold if you fall it directly in the hole. It's 10% less expensive on average to OSRS gold throw the items in for the pet. I assume this could be mistreated the in precisely the ways I listed above but only a thought. Could address it by not. There's zero reason for us understanding it besides to abuse that, so just don't tell us. I am sure some folks might figure it out, but they would be guessing, and they might also change up the thing to 2-3 items rotating during the day or any number of solutions to deal with individuals abusing it.

It would be challenging to identify through only blind guessing true, but that is precisely the kind of difficulty that fundamental machine learning is pretty good at handling. Make it pick on one of the top 5 inflated items at random. Good luck finding the 5 and guess which random of the five it actually is. I meant like once an item is chosen we'd know almost instantly, not ahead (you might attempt to predict ahead of time but that might not be precise like you said).

The way I read OP's design there'll be a massive variety of those'sunken item' removed from the market after it is chosen. So this spike in thing sells and/or associated shift in the curve would be an instant alarm bell. Any marginally effectively trained algorithm would be able to pick these sink items up (assuming they were really having an effect on the current market, which if they aren't, then what is the purpose ). With the method I'm describing it wouldn't be something that you could predict ahead of time but it would be something which you would know fairly quick after it occurred.

More broadly, I'm just pointing out that its really tough to'hide' an artificial restriction (at least one that makes a significant effect ) on a marketplace if there's sufficient data available on the market. Item costs and demand curves are quite showing on stuff like this. There might be workarounds, such as obfuscating by cheap RS gold using a list of items instead of just one which are randomly chosen or randomly jumped around. But it would definitely be an issue for the layout of OP if executed word.
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