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Megaomgchen Jun 29
Everything you said concerning FIFA exists in MUT. FAP packs are suppose to Mut 20 coins be a limited time published near the end of Madden nfl. They most of the time return less than the 50k coins you spend on it. UL packs are likely a comparison to the FIFA pack you cite, and people suck. Though as you say team chems and the MUT chemistry program can supply just a bit of flexibility, MUT has meta cards at every position.

I concur that MUT has lots of the very same problems, but it isn't quite to the amount which fifa is yet.I get how the packs aren't worth the return, but bear in mind the equivalent fifa package costs over twice as many coins (125k) therefore it's just possible to buy packs together with points. Also, to get the complete meta group in fifa only purchasing fifa points it is 10+ thousand, or even 15k. Madden also has packs which is and are 180k about 2000 MUT points which is the exact same price but costs more coins.

Alright, perhaps I have been a bit too simple on madden, I simply know that if a player tried to begin fifa at this stage they'd have no chance at all, but thanks for telling me. Yeah bro I get exactly what your point is that I myself had to stop playing fifa after playing nearly 10 years cause it started to get. However, last thing think of it like this.

I played FIFA for many years and started play Madden this season. Man, Madden is overly far better than Fifa. You can get a top rated free card just playing challenges (NFL 100, Team of The Year, Blend, ETC) You never needed such a thing in Fifa, you always need to purchase packs if you want to make a challenge like that, they dont give free cards. And you'll be able to get a lot of coins. I have 400K in coins with buy Madden nfl 20 coins a top defense and crime playing since March. Its impossible to do this on FIFA. So, Madden suffer from difficulties but its not even near Fifa however, could be far worse.
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