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nicole ben
nicole ben Aug 5
As mentioned above, the experience is a long-running massively multiplayer video game set within the Star Wars universe (er, galaxy) swtor guide . My friends and I were once working our way via a dungeon - or possibly a spaceship, rather - being a set of Sith. We encountered the Imperial crew with the ship, begging for mercy after their failure. My Light Side friends thought we would let them off the hook.

Mercenaries, meanwhile, pack with a second pistol plus some medical processes to keep allies safe and enemies in danger. A Mercenary can concentrate on healing or damage, using darts and punctiliously prepared gas cylinders and keep everyone safe. This is the advanced class to choose if you want a set of two pistols and also the option to go nuts with healing.

You might imagine that the Bounty Hunter will be a pretty straightforward character type, but there are tons of different options inside story to shape the character you would like to play swtor. Sure, you're working together with the Sith in a very not terribly popular profession, however, your Hunter might wonderfully just be the guy who efforts to make sure that life from the Empire is just as free of criminals as it can be.
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