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Our fifth home maintenance tip relates to testing water shut-offs. Your house has lots of valves to close off the water in the event something breaks and starts leaking check here . However, if you can't use these shut-off valves for an extended time, they are going to seize up and quit working. Obviously this can be a problem when you have a leak, attempt to turn away from the water, and realize you can’t. For this reason, it is crucial that you test each shut-off at least a year to be sure it works when it's needed.

Seats either come included in the body of an gate valve or perhaps in seat ring construction. Integral seats include the same material because the valve body. In a seat ring construction, the seats thread into position or press into position before they become seal welded in the valve body. Such construction makes for more variation than integral seats and is also ideal for higher temperature applications.

Tiger Valve is usually a leading valve manufacturing company in Houston, TX. Our number of high-quality products include gate valves, ball valves, shut-off pig valves, butterfly valves, along with engineered products for your oil and gas industry. For more information regarding our products, e mail us today.

Rust is usually a problem on metal valves, especially outside the home. Inspect the valve regularly for rust. If you spot some you can use a wire brush to scrape the rust off the metal. It is also recommended to paint the steel gate valve with paint that protects metal against rust. You need to eliminate the rust when you paint it though as being the rust could spread.

A easy way to keep one of these brilliant valves working efficiently is with it view more . All you need to do is turn the knob left to close the valve and to the right to open up the valve. Doing this occasionally minimizes the valve from sticking within the pipe along with keeping the wheel loose.
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